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Significant construction projects couldn’t be completed without the underground and aerial construction workers that take part in its projects. Like many essential jobs, underground and aerial construction requires working under some difficult conditions. The fact is, there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for a job in the field, but perhaps the most important thing would be your safety on and off the job site. 

Finding a company that values safety and quality is crucial. Ensuring that the crew is safe results in the work getting done right. This is why Underground Contractors Inc. has ongoing safety training, weekly safety meetings, and equipment that is top of the line. 

In the following blog, you will learn more about underground and aerial construction and how a safe environment results in outstanding work.

Underground and Aerial Construction Today 

Aerial Construction

The need for access to communications has increased over the past 20 years, having a significant impact on the communications sector. Residents and companies alike expect practically constant phone and cable connections, and the demand for high-speed internet is at an all-time high. Providers in the sector must adapt because these numbers are only going up over time. This is why the team at UCI has increased its capacity and breadth of services to meet growing demand.

Furthermore, the need for qualified aerial contractors who can respond to these urgent cabling and building needs in a timely, efficient, and thorough manner grows with the demand for a wider infrastructure. Aerial contractors who are seeking work with an established and growing company should look into employment at UCI

Underground Construction

Underground construction is all work that is done beneath our natural ground. A component of underground construction is present in more than half of the contracting projects that UCI completes. With thousands of successfully completed jobs and hundreds of delighted customers, Underground Contractors is the leading authority in underground construction. 

In order to ensure safety on the worksite, it is crucial that underground contractors are working with updated equipment that is in top operating condition. Underground Contractors Inc. maintains a team of highly skilled operators and provides them with the newest, most advanced equipment.

Thanks to its commitment to this maintenance, UCI has an unmatched record of little to no downtime. Customers can count on their tasks being completed in time and to the level of perfection, they expect when they hire Underground Contractors Inc.

An Approach to Safety

Safety is a fundamental value of Underground Contractors Inc. The management team at UCI fosters a culture in which people are empowered to take personal responsibility for their own safety, as well as the safety of their coworkers.

Zero incidents are UCI’s target, and it is devoted both personally and professionally to achieving it every year. Its impeccable safety record is the product of a strong safety program, ongoing training, education, diligence, and discipline.

Every night, UCI wants to ensure that every employee arrives home safely. Although it might seem straightforward, it’s not! It requires a sincere dedication to staff education, strict adherence to safety standards that go above and beyond legal requirements, and a culture that values safety above all else. Underground Contractors, Inc. is proud of its safety program and the results achieved.

Safety as a Core Value

The health and safety of UCI’s underground construction workers, customers, subcontractors, and the communities in which it operates are important to the values of the company. Essentially, the goal is to create and uphold a secure working environment for UCI’s extended family of employees.

Safety comes before all other corporate objectives and working practices, according to the company’s fundamental philosophy. Being a member strengthens UCI’s capacity to provide its customers with an unrivaled array of sector-related communications engineering, procurement, and underground and aerial construction.

How Safety and Quality Work Together

UCI’s attention to safety directly contributes to its stellar reputation for producing top-notch work. Similar to safety, quality comes from paying close attention to the little details, using the right techniques properly, and taking pleasure in working.

At UCI, the company is aware that meticulous planning, cutting-edge machinery, properly supervised execution, and its dedication to safety are what lead to a high-quality, on-time project. All of its crews and supervisors have had extensive training and have thousands of hours in the field. Since UCI is capable of handling even the most challenging contracting situations with confidence and effectiveness, this gives it the greatest flexibility when creating solutions for its customers.

Safety Orientation for Subcontractors

As mandated by the health and safety program, UCI conducts a safety orientation with each of its subcontractors to outline the health and safety requirements for each project, as well as any site-specific dangers. Additionally, UCI assesses how well new construction workers understand certain elements of the program, most of which are site-specific to their project.

Environmental Responsibility of Underground and Aerial Construction

Essentially, UCI is dedicated to working with customers to achieve environmental sustainability in its operations since it is aware of how its underground and aerial construction services affect the environment. The firm conducts a lot of its construction services outside, and every choice it makes has an impact on the environment.

UCI, as an industry leader, prioritizes the environment around them as they make decisions, from routine daily actions to significant financial investments. While providing its services in a safe and effective manner, UCI strictly abides by environmental laws and regulations. Throughout the lifespan of its assets, the company continues to decrease potential environmental impacts and identify and manage environmental risks using its business processes.

An Industry Leader for Over 40 Years

A company-wide commitment to quality and service that no other contractor can match has been the driving force behind UCI’s steady expansion over the past 46 years. Regardless of size or location, the company appreciates the chance to talk about any underground construction or aerial construction project.

It is evident that UCI takes the safety of its underground and aerial construction workers very seriously and that every project is done with the most effort and efficiency. In fact, UCI is proud to say that we have a spotless safety record. With the help of our expertly trained staff and supervisors, we will continue to be a leader in the underground and aerial construction. Contact us today if you’re interested in joining a team that first values YOU. You may apply online or on Facebook.