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Underground Contractors Inc.

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Del Mecum Sr. founded Underground Contractors Inc. in Michigan to be an entirely new kind of contracting company dedicated to providing customer-focused aerial and underground construction services. From the start, Mecum used his extensive experience to exceed industry standards by offering cost-efficient and solutions to a wide variety of contracting needs. Now an industry leader for more than 40 years, UCI continues to leverage our time-perfected strategies to provide solutions that save our clients both time and money.

Headquartered in Wixom, Michigan, UCI services customers throughout the United States. We look forward to discussing which of our many turnkey solutions will best fit your contracting needs.

Our complete and diverse set of solutions includes:

  • Underground Conduit and Cable Construction
  • Conduit Cleaning, Rodding and Pulling/blowing Fiber
  • Manhole Construction (including rebuilds, poured and pre-cast)
  • Aerial Placement (Fiber, Coax, and Copper)
  • Utility Pole Placement
  • Engineering and Permitting
  • Fiber Optic Splicing Testing

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a bid on your next project. Let UCI show you why we’ve gained the reputation as the outstanding choice for your aerial and underground utility contracting needs.

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Experience Makes the Difference

In this business, experience determines success. UCI approaches each project with keen insights acquired through nearly four decades of hard-earned experience. As one of the oldest and most respected contractors in the Michigan area, our first-hand knowledge of the aerial and underground construction industry is second to none.

At the same time, we look to the future. Our tools and technology are among the most advanced in the underground and aerial construction industry, helping to ensure that we meet each job with the highest level of efficiency and accuracy. We are equipped with the know-how to run complex modern equipment and anticipate the needs of our customers and responding to them with state-of-the-art machinery.

We are well versed in the variables that come with contracting jobs and recognize that the nature of each job is dependent on the variables found in a given environment. Our years of experience have prepared us to handle the industry-specific requirements of jobs of any size.

More About Underground Contractors Inc.

UCI knowsthat each job site is unique. Conditions vary significantly from job to job depending on variables such as soil, access, distance, depth and other factors. We understand that the solution to your project will be different from any solution we’ve provided to clients in the past. For that reason, we give specific time and attention to each job to ensure that we provide every customer with a truly custom tailored solution. There is no condition that we haven’t faced, and this experience helps us to avoid costly mistakes that can occur due to lack of insight.

UCI believesthat a safe environment is an efficient environment. Both safety and efficiency are of top importance to our team, and both are ensured by the skill of our equipment operators. The operators who run our aerial and underground construction tools are seasoned veterans, rivaled by none. Even so, we provide each of our operators with a corporate training program specific to each piece of equipment they run. We take extra measures to ensure excellence by maintaining a crew of employees with a roster of thousands of jobs behind them and by requiring regular reviews and training updates. We are confident at all times that our crew is capable of finding success in the face of any contracting challenge.

UCI cultivatesteams of individuals with skill sets tailored to the very specific tasks they perform. Our company services a variety of industries including; fiber optic cable, natural gas, cable TV, telephone electrical construction, water and sewer. We train and organize our crews by industry. This strategy ensures that the team assigned to handle a given project is comprised of workers who have mastered the industry-specific skills necessary to complete the project to perfection.

UCI isan underground and aerial construction company conscious of environmental issues associated with our work. We are sensitive to environmental issues and take great care to ensure that our approach to any project is as low-impact as possible. We can preserve a natural environment or simply minimize the intrusion on a developed property through well-laid plans informed by our decades of experience.