Aerial Construction

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Our Aerial Construction Services Include:

  • Aerial cable placement and pole setting
  • Coax and fiber optic cable splicing
  • Complete aerial project engineering

The last two decades have brought growth in the demand for communications access that has greatly impacted the communications industry. The demand for high-speed information and entertainment is at an unprecedented high with residents and businesses alike expecting nearly constant phone and cable access. These numbers are only increasing with time, and industry providers must adjust. As the demand for a broader infrastructure increases, so does the need for qualified contractors who are capable of responding to these urgent cabling and construction needs in a quick, efficient and thorough capacity.

As the communication industry has grown, UCI has expanded its capability and breadth of services to accommodate new demands. We have made crucial decisions to ensure that we are capable of serving the growing needs of our clients.

Today, we are the established loyal and trusted industry leader, supporting major communication companies with all of their aerial construction needs. Our customers count on us to complete critical projects that allow them to keep pace in their industry. Because of our consistency and our ever-expanding reputation our client list grows daily. Underground Contractors Inc. is the most reputable, high-quality solution provider in the aerial construction industry.

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We understand the aerial construction industry from on-site experience that spans nearly four decades. Our aerial construction tools and technology coupled with our highly trained personnel provide our clients with the support and solutions that offer them complete peace of mind and total satisfaction.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a bid on your next aerial construction project. Let Underground Contractors Inc. show you why we’ve gained the reputation as the outstanding choice for your aerial utility contracting needs.