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General laborer jobs require you to wear a lot of metaphorical hats considering the different parts you’ll be playing throughout your employment.

This could range from material movement to digging to loading or unloading. It just so happens that general laborers are often essential to aerial and underground construction in Michigan.

In this blog, we will explore these variations in the construction industry, as well as a couple of job opportunities in Michigan that you may want to consider if you’re interested in a foreperson or general laborer job. You may first be wondering, what is the difference between a foreman and a general laborer?

Foreman: A foreman is a team member that acts as a supervisor of the crew on any given job site. Being a foreman requires leadership and organizational skills.

General Laborer: A general laborer is a team member that is actively working on the job site. 

Although different, both positions are of great importance to an aerial and underground construction team. A crew that works well together, creates outstanding work together! 

What Is Underground Construction?

Underground construction is a discipline that includes elements such as directional drilling, trenching, plowing, fiber blowing, as well as rodding and cleaning conduct.

Over 50% of projects completed by Underground Contractors Inc. include an underground construction element. Skilled laborers are essential to this discipline and they are typically equipped with modern and relevant power tools to get the job done successfully.

What Is Aerial Construction?

Aerial construction is another discipline that UCI is involved in. The elements involved here include aerial cable placement and pole setting, cable splicing of fiber optic, copper, and complete aerial project engineering.

Whenever there’s a need for high-speed data transmission, aerial construction jobs, through their various tasks, are the most adept at getting the job done.

With the continuous advancement of technology and communicative requirements, Michigan aerial construction jobs must evolve to meet the new demands as they arise.

Tips for the Best Experience on the Job Site

General labor and foreman jobs in Michigan require consistency in skill and precision. It can be stressful throughout every shift if the right approach isn’t taken within your team.

So, here are a few of the best tips to assist you on a construction site. As you gain more experience, you, like other employees, will be able to seamlessly handle whatever may come your way!

Communication Is Key

There’s a reason why an employer builds a team. Communication with your team must be done effectively since everyone must be pulling in the same direction to adequately achieve designated objectives. The team at UCI is enthusiastic, with a no-excuses attitude that gets the job done to the highest standard.

Foster a Good Work Relationship with Co-workers

Teamwork is essential for anyone in this line of work, whether the person is a general laborer or otherwise. In the past and the foreseeable future, teams of laborers bring their skills together to achieve various tasks on the job site. You must be able to trust in the skills of your teammates while ensuring that you use yours to support them at any location and at any time.

Work On Your Organizational Skills

Your ability to remain organized can be one of your biggest assets on construction sites. There are, quite literally, a lot of moving parts on a construction site! In order to maintain a quality safety standard and protect the lives of those around you, it is crucial to prioritize organization and attention to the job at hand. 

Familiarize Yourself with Safety Equipment

Get familiar with the safety equipment as soon as you possibly can if you want to be able to respond effectively to any situation.

Obey the Rules of Construction Sites

The rules are meant to protect you and ensure a smooth workflow. Avoid intentionally violating them.

Report Issues When They Occur

Don’t wait for issues to get worse before reporting them to relevant parties. The ability to address them is greater the faster those responsible are made aware.

Foreman and General Labor Job Offerings

If you are looking to become involved in the areas of aerial or underground construction in Michigan, there is no better time than now to apply with Underground Contractors! You can apply for either of the roles listed below online, or you can give UCI a call at (248) 669-2510. 

Full-Time Foreman Job

Underground and aerial foreman jobs are essential to the smooth running of tasks on a site, thanks to the level of oversight and equipment operational capacity provided. To that end, if you are interested in an underground or aerial foreman job with UCI, you will be responsible for the running of several machines, including dump trucks, forklifts, excavators, directional bore machines, etc. Being successful in the handling of these machines requires some experience and training.

Additionally, anyone working as a foreman is expected to be able to read and understand prints.

Apart from the skills necessary to do so, operating within the confines of safety standards at all times is non-negotiable. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I find a foreman job in Michigan“, the opportunity you’ve been looking for may just be at UCI! 

Experienced and Entry Level General Laborer Positions

With 3 locations throughout Michigan, UCI is always looking to add experienced members to the team, specifically general laborers. A general laborer is required to have good manual dexterity, including hand, hand with arm, and two hand elements. Additionally, multi-limb coordination is a must.

General laborers are required to operate a variety of hand and power tools. Transporting building materials, cleaning and preparing job sites, setting braces to support excavation sides, digging trenches, cleaning up rubble, etc. will also be required.

As a general laborer, you may be required to transport materials to the site or remove materials, such as waste or supplies, too. Note that, unlike many other laborers, not all responsibilities of a general laborer are outlined in the job description. Flexibility on the job site is a great skill to have and be prepared to offer!

The Importance of Safety to Construction Workers

The importance of safety boils down to protecting the lives of the construction team. The work environment synonymous with general labor jobs includes manual labor tasks and automated ones that commonly involve exposure to dangerous situations and materials.

To ensure that each job is performed effectively, and without incident, safety standards become necessary for teammates to follow. When searching for an underground or aerial construction job, it is important to look for a company that values your safety.

That being said, there’s a reason why UCI puts a herculean effort into having strict safety rules. Proper training and implementation of these safety procedures ensure that staff is able to get their given job done correctly and safely. 

A good construction worker knows – safety directly correlates to high-quality work. Such an approach has led to a spotless safety record at UCI. If safety is something that you value in your construction work, then the team at UCI has it in common with you! 

About Underground Contractors Inc.

Underground Contractors Inc. has been in the business of aerial and underground construction for over 46 years, which demonstrates the wealth of experience that has been garnered across the many jobs that the team has completed.

During this time, the company has developed a reputation for excellence in problem-solving and overall project performance. Much of this is the result of consistent training and state-of-the-art aerial and underground construction equipment.

Of course, beyond their ability to carry out manual tasks effectively, the team at UCI are also adept at using heavy machinery, hand tools, and other power tools as needed. While having prior experience is an asset, it is also important to join a team that provides you with both written instructions and practical hands-on field experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find Construction Jobs Near Me in Michigan?

Yes. Check out the opportunities that UCI has available here. Currently, people are needed in the capacity of an entry-level general laborer, experienced general laborer, and full-time foreman.

What Are the Likely Requirements for an Underground Foreman Job Near Me?

Manual dexterity, multi-limb coordination, skill with heavy machinery, and being able to read and understand prints should suffice.

Are General Laborers Required to Be Highly Skilled to Be Considered for Hire?

Both entry-level and skilled general laborer positions are available.

What’s the Average Salary for General Laborer Jobs?

The average salary range for a general laborer is between $33,854 to $45,280.

What’s the Average Salary for an Underground Foreman?

The average salary range for an underground foreman falls between $47,958 and $80,250.

Do I Need a High School Diploma for General Labor Jobs Near Me?

In most cases, a high school diploma will be required, especially if you want to hit the average salary range for a general laborer.