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Aerial construction is a process by which fiber optic cable is installed between utility poles. Installation of an aerial or fiber cable requires not only the cable itself but also a support strand. Certain aerial fibers can simplify installation by coming already lashed to a support strand. Fiber can be dragged and lashed to the support strand once the strands have been laid along the path. 

The need for high-speed information continues to rise, necessitating daily increases in the availability of coaxial and fiber cable connectivity in a new building or business. Unfortunately, there is a lack of maintenance services that would allow this increased demand to be met. 

Aerial Construction Jobs and Job Requirements 

Underground Contractors, Inc. is searching for qualified contractors with experience in providing aerial and subsurface construction services. UCI’s priority is finding a placement that is a good fit for both the candidate and the company. This is because, as a reliable underground and aerial construction company, UCI is eager to teach their employees and encourage career advancement.

Qualified contractors for aerial construction, aerial foremen, and aerial linemen will prove their expertise in the following areas:

  • Bucket access and back easement climbing
  • Print reading with regard to Aerial strand and fiber optic cable construction
  • Experience driving and operating aerial line trucks
  • Prior experience as a General Laborer

Benefits of Being an Aerial Construction Foreman

Benefits of Being an Aerial Construction Foreman
Without underground and aerial construction workers, major building projects would never be finished. Underground construction, like many other critical projects, can be dangerous, and so are the aerial construction duties. There are many things to think about when looking for aerial foremen jobs in the construction field, but the safety of the worker is paramount. Security is one of the most important priorities for every aerial construction business.

One of UCI’s primary company values places emphasis on a safe work environment above all else. When everyone on the team is safe, everyone benefits. This is why Underground Contractors, Inc. invests so heavily in safety, including weekly safety meetings, in-depth training, and cutting-edge tools and machinery.

The leadership at UCI encourages a work environment in which employees are expected to ensure their own and their coworkers’ safety. In addition, UCI provides its subcontractors with a safety orientation in which the health and safety requirements for the project and any site-specific dangers are outlined.

Why Choose UCI for Aerial Fiber Construction?

Many aerial construction businesses aim to keep their profits high while also providing and sustaining a safe workplace for their employees. One of the most important things aerial fiber construction employers can do to attract and retain talented staff members is to provide a generous benefits package.

UCI offers the following perks to anyone looking for work in the aerial construction industry:

Competitive Compensation Package

Employees who receive competitive remuneration receive both monetary and in-kind benefits in exchange for their efforts. Salary, bonuses, and commissions are all part of it, as are paid time off, health insurance, stock options, and other benefits.

Dental Benefits

As a result of oral problems, Americans lose more than 164 million working hours annually. Providing dental benefits might reduce sick days taken by employees by encouraging them to get checked out sooner rather than later.

Investing in the oral health of your staff is a great way to keep them productive and, in some cases, optimize the budget for medical care.

Medical Benefits

Costs for routine medical care, such as checkups, preventative care, and even emergency treatment, are greatly reduced because of medical insurance. Insurance for workers extends to a comprehensive variety of medical issues. Those who work with fiber cable, aerial cable, or some urgent cabling work are all the more susceptible to getting injured, which is why they require this.

401k Retirement Plan

Employees can set their own monthly contribution to the employer-sponsored 401(k) plan through payroll deductions. After being subtracted, the money is invested in a long-term strategy. Workers have the option of contributing to a variety of investment vehicles, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., through this retirement plan. Salary can be deferred by the individual and/or the company in the form of a defined contribution plan.

Paid Vacation Time

The term “paid time off” (abbreviated “PTO”) refers to the policy through which an employer grants its workers a certain number of days off without penalty in pay. Paid time off (PTO) allows workers to take time off without losing their regular paycheck.

It is an essential component of any positive work environment. Paid time off is frequently ranked as one of the most desirable perks by those looking for new employment. It’s common knowledge that workers who take advantage of paid time off, vacations, and other forms of leave return refreshed and ready to do their best job.

Paid Sick Time

Sick leave, sometimes known as paid sick days or sick pay, allows employees to take time from work to take care of personal health issues without worrying about missing paychecks. In addition to missing time from work to attend a doctor’s visit, sick leave can also be used as a mental wellness day.

Policies vary, but some enable employees to take paid sick time to care for sick family members or to address health and safety concerns connected to domestic abuse or sexual assault.

Paid Holidays

Employers may choose to provide their employees with paid time off on federal, state, or religious holidays. However, there is no federal law requiring firms to provide paid holidays to employees; the Fair Labor Standards Act only controls overtime compensation and minimum wage.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity, or EEO, is the notion that all people, regardless of factors like race, sex, or religion, have an equal chance of obtaining employment based on their skills and qualifications.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEO), it is against the law for an employer to discriminate on the basis of a protected characteristic in the hiring process. Therefore, those working in aerial fiber construction have the right to an environment free of bias based on their race, color, religion, national origin, or gender.

Any prospective worker who wishes to safeguard his interests in the course of employment decisions is entitled to EEO protections. In addition, UCI’s capabilities and range of services have developed in tandem with the development of the communications sector. The organization has made strategic choices to meet the expanding requirements of its customers and employees.

Hiring at UCI

Hiring at UCI
Communities and citizens have come to expect practically continual phone and cable connections. In order to accomplish this, companies like Underground Contractors, Inc. are essential in order to meet the demand for this high-speed information and entertainment.

Furthermore, as aerial construction needs continue to grow in demand, businesses in the industry will need to stay supplied with loyal and skilled employees. If you’re an aerial contractor looking for a stable and expanding aerial company, you can get in touch with UCI at the short form on their website.