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Whether you’re working on a new building or an existing application, you need customer-focused professionals for your underground and aerial construction needs. That is where Underground Contractors, Inc. comes into the picture. Our team can ensure that your project is handled with the professionalism and experience that a successful project requires.

We have a full team of trained professionals that specialize as:

  • Boring contractors
  • Underground contractors
  • Aerial fiber contractors
  • Fiber optic splicing contractors
  • Utility contractors

Do you need an urgent cabling project handled? Perhaps you need professionals that will handle fiber installation with expertise. After all, high-speed information requires proper configuration. Let UCI put your mind to rest as we have done for our valued customers so many times before!

Expert Directional Drilling and Utility Contractor

Benefits of Directional Drilling at Underground Contractors, Inc.

As a trusted utility contracting company in Michigan, one of our specialties is that of directional drilling. To that end, we’ll give you a high-level overview of what directional drilling is and how it works. In summary:  

  • Directional Boring is Cost-Effective
  • Directional Boring is Less Invasive 
  • Directional Boring is Safer for Employees 

To further explain, directional boring is such a sought-after technique because of the extent to which it can lower costs. At Underground Contractors, Inc. it is our goal to offer clients money-saving solutions. Directional drilling is cost effective because it is a non-invasive service that does not require the digging of trenches. Because of that, directional drilling has less of an environmental impact. Installation happens entirely underground thanks to the advanced tools and expertise that UCI has at our disposal. Additionally, safety and efficiency are much less of a concern than they used to be. 

Now, if you’re also wondering “Is there a reputable directional boring contractor near me in North Carolina?” look no further than UCI! Our team has expanded our offices to that of Greensboro.

Underground Services Continued

While Underground Contractors, Inc. is quite adept at directional drilling, it only represents one of a series of tailored services that we offer to our customers. After all, we did say that we handle all your underground and aerial construction needs, so it stands to reason that we must be able to provide the right services to do. Take a look below!

Our Services: Utility Pole Placement

Essential utilities such as high-speed information transfer via fiber optic installations will often require the placement of utility poles. Principles such as “lateral offset” and “visibility” are just a couple of industry-standard considerations, especially when poles are meant to be placed within the public right away. Such projects require the best utility contractors for hire, which is what UCI is offering. Never wonder, “Is there a well versed utility contractor near me?” again. Reach out to UCI of North Carolina or UCI of Michigan and let us take it from there!

Underground Conduit and Cable Construction

Underground Conduit and Cable Construction

The installation of wire within conduit is another area of construction that requires both precision and professionalism for the best results. How shallow should the conduit be? What are the standards that govern the individual wires inside? Which conduit is best suited for fiber applications? Whether for planned or urgent cabling jobs, this and other information must be both understood and adequately used by any aerial and underground construction service provider.

Let us help you understand how we can be an asset to your project and how our equipment, which is based on industry-standard modern technology, will factor into it all.

Aerial Construction Services at UCI

Aerial Construction Services

What is aerial construction? A simple way to look at it is the attaching of cables to overpasses, bridges, poles, and structures that are high off the ground. We have seen an increased need in the past two decades for access to communication, which has revolutionized fiber optic and other similar areas of construction. After all, when has the demand for entertainment been higher than it is now? Since the customer base is adjusting in this way, it only stands to reason that we, as the aerial fiber contractor in the business, must also adjust. We are proud to say that our team has risen to the occasion.

We can safely say that we are an industry leader in aerial construction, and the host of customers we have in the communication industry on a major scale will attest to this. You would be hard-pressed to find another utility contractor that can guarantee the high-quality solutions that we can.

Engineering and Permitting

Our customers will often have their requirements and technical objectives that they will share with us, and we must then ensure that the applicable legal provisions are met. After all, you don’t want to try to start a construction project, only to find out later that it isn’t eligible for approval. Therefore, we think that our approach of starting with our clients from the planning step is the most appropriate. This involves coordination with the appropriate authorities, preparation of applications for permits, offering professional advice, and conducting safety analyses.

Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing

Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing

The fiber optic industry may appear oversimplified from the non-trained perspective, but it is one that we understand to be as complex as it is. From a cable length measurement, to defect identification, to OTDR readings, and more, we understand it all. Installation, splicing, and termination are all processes that we have tons of experience in from our years in the industry, which makes us so sought after!



Fiber to the home (FTTH) or Fiber to the premises (FTTP) speaks to the installation and use of fiber to individual buildings from an established central point to provide high-speed internet to these locations. Of course, this is yet another service that we are incredibly adept at from both a residential and commercial standpoint.

Enlist in Underground Contractors, Inc. For Your Needs

Whether standard or critical projects, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, “Are there expert aerial and underground contractors near me?” The answer is a resounding yes! Underground Contractors, Inc. is a trusted expert in all the applications alluded to above, which explains our ever-expanding reputation and the dependence of major clients on us.

If you want to talk to some of the best in the business, request a quote today! Underground Contractors, Inc. is proud to serve both Michigan and North Carolina in both aerial and underground construction services.