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Bridging the Digital Divide with UCI

High-speed internet of the best quality is something that most residents around the world take for granted, especially those living in urban cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Behind the scenes, the construction of any new building comes with the installation of efficient fiber optic cables capable of lightning-fast internet connectivity.

Underground Contractors, Inc. has been part of this innovation for the past 46 years as a highly-rated contractor providing a wide range of communications, engineering, and internet services to customers throughout Michigan and North Carolina. Recently, UCI has undertaken an entirely new kind of aerial and underground construction project. UCI, along with its partnered providers, is bringing the industry standard in fiber optic cable installation to areas previously denied these essential services thanks to the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund.

RDOF has promised $20.4 billion in funding over the next 10 years in order to support rural communities lacking high-speed internet and broadband networks. Providers such as Comcast and AT&T enlist skilled contractors like UCI to construct and install these networks of utility grade broadband. 

How Is This RDOF Project Benefiting Rural Communities?

How Is This RDOF Project Benefiting Rural Communities?

With high-quality fiber optic cable construction and installation now being delivered to rural areas, it means that access to quality internet is no longer restricted to just the urban areas.

This project is benefiting communities that have been previously disadvantaged and have been missing out on high-speed internet coverage.

The goal of this broadband installation and electric co-op project is to construct the best networks in America and make them available to schools, hospitals, businesses, and ordinary homes in rural communities.

Underground and Aerial Construction at UCI

Underground and Aerial Construction at UCI

Founded by Del Mecum Sr., Underground Contractors, Inc. is an aerial construction and underground construction utility services provider that offers fiber optic cable installation services.

UCI has grown rapidly over the years to become one of the top names among underground and aerial contractors in North Carolina and Michigan. Providers of these areas no longer need to ask “Who can handle fiber optic cable installation for high-speed internet near me?” with UCI in their neighborhood.

UCI offers urban and rural customers a wide range of services, such as:

  • Underground conduit and cable construction
  • Aerial Construction
  • FTTH/FTTP application
  • Conduit cleaning, rodding, and pulling/blowing fiber
  • Fiber optic splicing and testing
  • Directional boring/Drilling
  • Engineering and permitting
  • Manhole construction
  • Utility pole placement
  • Aerial placement (Fiber, coax, and copper)

Why UCI for Your Underground and Aerial Construction Needs

Why UCI for Your Underground and Aerial Construction Needs

UCI North Carolina and UCI Michigan have a wide range of underground construction and aerial construction services that include but are not limited to: complete cable installation, on-site maintenance, and engineering services in any major city or rural neighborhood.

With cutting-edge equipment and tools, as well as the latest in safety protocols, UCI has the knowledge, expertise, and ability to take on any underground construction or aerial construction project and see the job to completion.

UCI believes in customer-focused construction services, meaning they offer cost-efficient solutions for a wide variety of underground construction needs.

What Is Aerial Construction and Underground Construction?

What Is Aerial Construction and Underground Construction

Aerial construction is a process by which fiber optic cable is installed between utility poles. This process utilizes existing structures, such as telephone line poles, towers, and bridges, for installation. Underground construction, on the other hand, goes below ground level. It is a discipline that includes elements such as directional drilling, trenching, plowing, fiber blowing, as well as rodding and cleaning conduct. 

Both aerial and underground construction have their advantages and disadvantages and the choice between the two usually depends on things such as the scope of the project and the terrain on which the construction is being done. The experts at Underground Contractors, Inc. are here to help you make that informed decision. For a fair bid on your next project, contact UCI today

Underground Construction vs. Aerial Construction – Three Key Factors

To better understand underground construction and aerial construction, one must look at the following key advantages:

Underground Fiber Optic Deployment

This is the most preferred method of fiber optic cable construction for most customers because of the following:

  • Easy installation and construction
  • Buried cables are protected from ice, wind, and other weather hazards
  • Internet connectivity is at least 10 times more reliable than aerial construction.

Aerial Fiber Optic Deployment

Aerial construction of cables is a very cost-effective way of fiber optic deployment, especially in areas with a lot of standing structures, such as towers and poles. Avoiding the need to dig trenches is the major advantage of aerial construction compared to the work of underground construction.

Landscape Geology/Terrain

The deciding factor when choosing between buried fiber optic cables and aerial fiber optic cables is the nature of the landscape at the construction site. Underground construction will be very difficult in very rocky areas but aerial construction may not be the most cost-effective option if there are no existing poles in place. In other words, each project has to be analyzed individually before the best way to install the cables is decided.

The Future of UCI and the Underground Construction Industry

The future of UCI is very bright. The partnerships that have formed because of the RDOF will continue to bring in great work for our team.  

This is a fabulous company to work for. They have a team of employees and leadership willing to work together to get the job done right. I see UCI getting bigger, better and continuing to be successful. I am grateful to be a part of UCI.” (Robin, Quality Control Manager)

The company will continue to grow, provide essential services to more people, and open up a lot more exciting job opportunities for those wanting to join a winning team. There are currently many jobs in Michigan and North Carolina for those with the required knowledge and skills!

Underground Contractors Inc: Quality Service for Generations 

Are you looking for underground and aerial contractors near me? Look no further because UCI has the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to tackle all aerial and underground construction projects. If you want to talk to some of the best in the business, request a quote today! Underground Contractors, Inc. is proud to serve both Michigan and North Carolina in both aerial and underground construction services. 

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