About UCI

For over 40 years, Underground Contractors Inc. has remained the premier industry leader in underground and aerial utility contracting with a reputation of excellence and integrity that is second to none. We have completed hundreds of construction projects for major communications providers across the United States.

We have mastered the science of creating and maintaining an expert workforce. Taking care to ensure that our well-trained, enthusiastic team members have access to the latest state-of-the-art aerial and underground construction equipment. Supported by superior construction technology and our vast skillset, our experienced workforce is prepared to handle even the most challenging project requirements to our customers’ satisfaction.

We are client-focused. Our founder, Del Mecum Sr. set the benchmark for customer service and we have spent the past four decades building upon that legacy. We strive to improve constantly by ensuring that all of our worksites consistently become safer, cleaner and more practical environments.

To stay in stride with the ever-developing aerial and underground construction industry, we acquire not just the latest, but also the most efficient construction tools and technology. We equip our expert team to better use these tools through extensive training before they reach the job-site. This forward thinking allows us to continuously build our portfolio, both of well-completed jobs and satisfied return customers. UCI completed projects are built to function properly for decades. Longevity at this scale requires state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled workers dedicated to precise and complete work from the moment ground is broken to the very last quality check. At UCI, our ‘no excuses’ attitude ensures that every single detail is accounted for. Jobs aren’t merely completed. They are completed in such a way that they will stand the test of time under any conditions to our client’s complete satisfaction. We believe that this is the reason UCI boasts a client return rate of 99%.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a bid on your next project. Let UCI show you why we’ve gained the reputation as the outstanding choice for your aerial and underground utility contracting needs.

Our Team

At UCI, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We consistently expand the breadth and caliber of our services by providing training, education, and support to our employees; keeping safety and quality at the center of everything that we do.

Behind the long list of clients who repeatedly return to UCI for their underground and aerial construction needs is a team who takes great pride in what we have achieved, together. The competence of our team remains the reason that companies who try UCI, stay with UCI.

Underground Contractors team

We firmly believe that the precedent set by the management team affects every business decision made by our employees both on and off the job site. Because we are a family-owned business whose leadership has remained the same since our founding, we take the standard that we set very seriously. To create a reputation of safety and excellence, a “no excuses” standard has been set as the measurement by which we make all of our decisions. No corners are cut, and no expense is spared by our team to ensure that the workforce performing each of our client’s aerial and underground contracting projects is capable of providing the most cost-efficient and timely solution for our clients.

UCI is proud to provide our clients with ongoing security comparable to none through our 24-hour/7-day a week maintenance and emergency repair support. One of the many ways that we minimize expensive downtime.